Our Brand Story

Posted by Jennifer Hammrich on

Behind every small business there’s a story. Sapphire + Sun Boutique started when I wanted to follow my dreams-owning a women’s and children’s clothing boutique! So after having our twins in May of 2020, along with our 17 month old daughter (yes, 3 kids under a year and a half old!)I decided it was time! After all we brought two premature babies into the world in the middle of a pandemic and survived- this will be a piece of cake!

How did the name Sapphire + Sun Boutique come about? Honestly, google was my go-to, I asked friends and threw it together. It’s catchy and fun…that’s what I’m all about!

I’m the only face behind the scenes-I do all of the ordering, packaging and shipping of the cute long sweatshirts , stylish women’s tops and kids rompers all of you purchase ! 

Most of my time spent doing the boutique is after hours when our kiddos are sleeping or during nap time on the weekends as I work full time outside of the house, and somehow still manage to keep my sanity..most days!

My goal is to make sure you and your little loves feel great in what you wear! Whether it’s one of our stylish tops for women , leopard print pendant necklace or a darling rainbow romper. I strive to bring you quality and affordable clothing and accessories. I ship fast, usually the same day or next day of ordering. I’ve been a boutique shopper for years and know what makes me a happy shopping, so these are things that I want to pass along to my customers and supporters. 

I’m just a small town girl making the best of this short life, living my dream. I’m so excited to see what the future holds with Sapphire + Sun Boutique. Stay tuned!